Egg Carton Flowers

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Posted on May 1 2013 - 5:00am by Ashley
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If you are anything like me, you hold on to all sorts of recyclables just in case you want to make something out of them….someday. Because of this I had a huge stack of cardboard egg cartons; more then my current storage container would hold. So what better to make for spring then Egg Carton Flowers!

Egg Carton Flowers

You have to start by cutting up your egg cartons. You can round the little cups off or make them look more like petals; we did a little of both.

Egg Carton Flowers Pic 1         Egg Carton Flowers Pic 2


And don’t throw away the top of the egg carton; it works well as a paint palette!

Egg Carton Flowers Pic 3

Start by painting the cups a variety of colors. Some of ours had different colored insides and some ended up striped like tulips! 

Egg Carton Flowers Pic 4Egg Carton Flowers Pic 5

Egg Carton Flowers Pic 6

Once they are dry you need to gather a couple more supplies, cupcake papers, green pipe cleaners and pony beads. Start by making a hole big enough to thread the pipe cleaner through, but not so big that the bead will slide through (I used a nail for this). Thread the pipe cleaner through the egg carton and attach a bead on the inside. If you want an outer row of petals thread a cupcake wrapper on first.


Egg Carton Flowers Pic 6Egg Carton Flowers Pic 7


Once you have them all assembled you can twist the pipe cleaner to make leaves or put them in a vase or pretend they are wedding bouquets like my girls!


Egg Carton Flowers Pic 8Egg Carton Flowers Pic 9

They would also make a lovely gift for little ones to make for their Mom or Grandma! (hint, hint….)

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