Homeschool Lesson Planning Page

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Posted on Apr 16 2013 - 5:00am by Jill
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Homeschool Lesson Planning Page

Every teacher has to have a game plan when it comes to teaching their lessons and as homeschoolers, we are no exception.  Lesson planning pages play an intricate role in any homeschool family’s home by making sure you keep clear records and keeping your lesson plans well mapped out and organized. I am an admitted planner. I plan out our entire school year between spring break and the middle of summer (I do this to try to get roughly half of the summer vacation off to relax and recharge my batteries for the new school year).

While our family does utilize a workbox system, we do not use them in the traditional sense. We use tags to make each workbox one of the core subjects. All of the Beck and Elizabeth’s relevant materials for that subject (such as workbooks, textbooks, supplies) are placed in the matching bin. This way has saved our family so many headaches over the years trying to track down one of the kids workbooks for a lesson. To keep myself organized I keep all of my teaching books in the closet in our school room order by topic and subject, so essentially I have one giant workbox as the teacher.

I know that there are loads of fabulous options from keeping your lesson planner online to lesson planners that you can go in and edit the PDF version of the document. I think all of those planners are wonderful, really I do! They just don’t work for me personally because I am a paper and pencil kind of lesson planner. With a traditional paper and pencil lesson plan I can easily change my lessons plans, have clear records of what we have done, and all that without having to log on to my computer to make the change and print the document out over and over. Call me old fashioned or stuck in my ways, but I always remind myself of the old saying “If it ain’t broke, then don’t try to fix it.”

This lesson planning page do tie in nicely with the workbox tags since I can number the left hand side but I also use my homeschool lesson planning page as a reference for how much we can feasibly do in a typical school day (some days my mind just shoots to the moon in expectations when realistically there are only so many hours in a school day).  This is a good double check to make sure we aren’t all being over worked and can have feasible goals.

Once a homeschool lesson planning page is completed I place it in my teaching binder. This is where you will find all of the year’s lesson plans organized by week and month, our reading logs, our P.E. logs, and the important grade book. I also make sure the any printable materials or storybooks for the week’s lesson plans are printed out and tucked safely away in a manila folder with the corresponding week’s number on it. I learned years ago that this was a HUGE time saver so that I did not have to spend every Sunday night of the school year pulling together materials or lesson plans for the coming week.  Here is a picture of my teacher binder and my file folder system:

Weeks and Teacher Binder

I also have a dedicated pull out drawer in my desk where I keep any materials that I find throughout the year that I have printed out but want to use the following school year. This way when I pull out my materials and homeschool lesson planning page for the next new school year, I already have many of the necessary materials already right at my fingertips!


Elementary Homeschool Grade Book

I plan to use my homeschool lesson planning pates again next school year along with my Elementary Homeschool Grade Book to be able to keep all of my records in an organized fashion.  If you are interested in my Elementary Homeschool Grade Book you can find it by clicking HERE.


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Clip Art Used In This Printable Is By: Maree Truelove

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