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Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 5:00am by Jill
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Welcome to the very first Poppins Book Nook! This wonderful free monthly book club includes a lot of your favorite bloggers and we will be taking a themed monthly topic and selecting any book that is appropriate to the theme. Then, on the last Monday of the month we will all present our books and something homeschooling related, like a craft, project, diagram, report, collage, etc. directly related to that book on our blogs through the Poppins Book Nook. Theses will not a planned out, or mapped, or set itemsthat you need to create, it is simply up to the participant to reach into their bag of tricks and secrets and share something themed related for the book that they selected. The age range of each project will also be selected by the participant so it can range from Pre-K to 12th, the sky is the limit. Please make sure to follow along with Poppins Book Nook on Facebook!

For the first month the topic that was selected was centered loosely around royalty with topics like Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Castles, and so on. I thought that it was only fitting that my daughter Elizabeth and I selected the Enchanted chapter book True Love’s Kiss. You may or may not know this but part of my blog name was conceived from the Disney film Enchanted. So off Elizabeth and I went into the magical world of Andalasia (Giselle’s magical animated world).

Before even sitting down to read this book I knew that Elizabeth needed the proper attire. She selected one of her princess dress up gowns from her closet. While she was putting on her gown I took several of her basic clip barrettes, my glue gun, a pencil, and a handful of white tissue paper. If you notice in the storybook Giselle has these lovely flowers cascading throughout her hair? I wanted to recreate this look for Elizabeth, but in a way that she could reuse over and over again in her magical make believe dress up world.
Enchanted Project Pic 1
Enchanted Project Pic 2

To start this simple project you need to heat up your hot glue gun. While the hot glue gun is heating up, take the white tissue paper squares and create the flowers by using the eraser end of a pencil by pressing it into the center of the tissue paper square and crumpling up the tissue paper around the pencil. This will leave the tissue paper square looking just like Giselle’s flowers! Then just simply apply hot glue to the top of the barrette and apply 2-3 tissue paper flowers (depending on the size of the barrettes that you use). Are you singing about your true love yet? Elizabeth certainly was when she came downstairs to find this surprise.

Enchanted Project Pic 3

Elizabeth and I then sat down to read True Love’s Kiss. After completing the story I had another surprise in store for Elizabeth. My daughter and I tend to read a storybook and then reread it again with Elizabeth acting out the story. To add an extra fun element to this together time we created this Giselle doll!

To make this doll we gathered a flexible/soft popsicle stick (we found these at the Dollar Tree one day), yarn (from our supply closest) in a color we had on hand to match Giselle’s hair, 1 white tissue paper square, pink string, pink construction paper, the hot glue gun, and a bundle of creativity! We started by cutting the yarn for Giselle’s hair into strips that were all the same length. Then I bundled the hair together in the middle with the same yarn so that it would not move. Elizabeth noted that Giselle had side bangs so I took a little extra yarn and tied it onto the middle knot to give the doll the look of side bangs:

Enchanted Project Pic 4
The next step was to create Giselle’s dress that she wears in Andalasia. Using pink construction paper I free handed the outline of the dress.  Then Elizabeth added the pink string for the belt/tie and white tissue paper cut for the cap sleeves. We put our trusty old hot glue gun to work and glued all of the pieces together. Then Elizabeth drew Giselle’s face and we had a homemade doll that looked like this:
Enchanted Project Pic 5

Elizabeth was insistent that we create a necklace like Giselle wears once she is in the real world in her wedding gown (my daughter is crazy about jewelry and costume changes). I gathered up some clear sewing string, 1 white pompom (for the diamond of course), and pink and clear colored beads (these are the beads that you can place onto the plastic mold and melt down to make creations).

Enchanted Project Pic 6

Together we made a pattern for the beads (making sure that the diamond we strung onto the strand in the middle). When we were all done here is what we had:

Enchanted Project Pic 7

I do hope that you will have some enchanted reading fun with your daughter! Not only was reading the storybook fun and wonderful reading practice for Elizabeth, but it is also always nice to have alone time with your child to make those magical memories that hopefully will stay with them through their adult lives.

Enchanted Project Pic 8

Next month Poppins Book Nook is on to Wizards and my son Beck and I are planning on creating a magical spell of wizardry fun! Please make sure to hop on over to all of the other magical blogs participating in Poppins Book this month to see what royal themed fun they came up with:


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