Fox in Socks Homeschool Fun

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Posted on Mar 2 2013 - 1:00pm by Jill
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We love Dr. Seuss. There’s something so fun about his whimsical rhymes! Dumpling and I had great fun reading and homeschooling with 2 of his titles last year.

Fox in Socks was a title which I read to Dumpling last year. It is a nice change for her to be able to work through the tongue tangling rhymes this year and we had so much fun un-tangling through it too! For homeschool, I decided to extend to some general knowledge activities (especially since she is into Science) and some Math activities too!

:: Day 1

We started off with some information on Red Fox which I got from National Geographic website (this information is included in the fact sheets which forms part of the mini pack – link to download provided below). Dumpling read the passages and highlighted some basic information as we discussed through.

The fact sheets were pasted onto another backing sheet as we usually make ours into a journal.

As she finished the earlier activity quite quickly, I had to think on my toes and wrote out a Math Sum for her to attempt on a laminated sheet…

Interestingly, she is into number sequencing recently and so, she requested for some activities where “I can fill in the missing numbers Mama” and I was of course more than happy to oblige!

:: Day 2

Day 2 was spent ‘re-capping’ some of the earlier Fox facts we read the day before (animal type, diet, etc.) and we worked more on Math that day. Dumpling had fun with this ‘Addition’ sheet where she got to count the foxes and we then moved onto symbols and one more activity on number sequencing.

We do not quite get enough of playtime so whenever we can, we play with blocks, board games, Lego, etc. We took turns to try out each other’s game – mine was pretty straightforward and similar to Jenga. The game which Dumpling invented was pretty much like a “Bowling/Angry Bird” version I must say. Here, we had to roll the die (instead of numbers, each side reveals a coloured dot) and then build our version of a “tower”(according to the coloured dot) where we later took turns to roll a ball and try to knock down as many blocks as possible!

I am pleased to share this FREE Mini Fox Fun Printable Pack with you! I hope that you and your preschoolers enjoy the activities!

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