A Good Citizen Hands On Learning Project

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Posted on Feb 8 2013 - 3:14pm by Jill
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While most children begin learning about community helpers in preschool and kindergarten, I personally still feel that it is important to instill the importance of appreciating those around you and how they help to contribute to making your life better in both of my children. Now that Beck is in third grade he is starting to stretch his independent wings more and more every day and is without a doubt a friendly social butterfly.  He can talk to anyone and everyone, no matter their age. While I want Beck to avoid talking to strangers who could be dangerous to him, I still feel that it is my obligation to my son to make sure that speaking with strangers in a more formal setting is practiced as I feel this skill will help him throughout his entire life.


This Good Citizen project summarizes what makes a good citizen, includes an interview, and has your child finish out their project by taking the answers from their interview and wrapping it into a learning web. I plan to have Beck complete this project several times over the next year with him interviewing a different person each month. The first person Beck chose to interview was a local librarian who runs the help desk and information center. He intentionally sought out this position because he has often wondered what questions they can answer and what their typical day on the job is like.


Not only was the librarian more than happy to take a moment out of her busy day, but she was also touched that Beck wanted to know about how she contributes to the community. Beck learned about the typical questions she answers in a day, she shared with him several brochures and how she explains the events to people, and Beck learned that she also volunteered once a month to do a hands on preschool craft after story time.


I feel confident that with this assignment each month Beck will learn more and more about the good citizens around him in our community and will become a confident public speaker and interviewer. Make sure to also check out all of the other community themed learning ideas found here on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

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