The ABC’s of Homeschooling – Day 2

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Posted on Jan 8 2013 - 1:00pm by Jill
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Please note that due to the lengthy topics I will not be able to cover all topics in full detail so please feel free to comment on the posts or email me. If you are a blogger and have an article that you think fits a certain topic please email me with the link and I will be more than happy to include your link in my ABC’s of Homeschooling 5 day series.  Here are today’s additions to the series…

What is the best way to make sure that your bond with your children is strong?  Most would say that it is spending quality time with your family.  Homeschooling provides a conduit for just that.  I am not trying to make anyone out there that does not homeschool feel guilty, but I find that Beck, Elizabeth, and I are stronger every day because we are spending the time together when we homeschool.  My husband isn’t left out either just because he works outside the home, but he does get chances to help out with homework and science projects.  We all find that are bonds are stronger as a family because we can depend on each other and help each other all time as well.  We get to see each other more than most people do so we learn each other’s weaknesses and help them and we compliment each other’s strengths as well.  We grow all the time as a family because our family bond and love for each other is always present.


Grading is important for the advancement of any school child, so it should come as no surprise that you should be grading you homeschooler’s work too.  Scores and grading are required in most schools or state standard meeting programs, grading is a way to not only give your child, but you as well, benchmarks on how well they are grasping subjects, concepts, and techniques. Personally, I grade and score everything that I can.  Beck really likes it when we gets perfect scores and gets as star on his work.  His self esteem is lifted when he does a good or great job.  Don’t get me wrong though, I try not to rely just on grades alone, but when Beck or Elizabeth’s scores drop the grading is a clear sign that I should try to find out why and correct not only their technique, but also evaluate if it might instead be what is being taught, how it is being taught, or whatever the cause may be.  Grading is a benchmark I use to make sure they are truly learning what they are being taught.
Just because science is a part of any standards meeting curriculum does not mean that it has to be cut and dry.  I have found that hands-on science is a great way to engage Beck and Elizabeth.  When I see them interacting with me, the experiment, and the smiles on their faces as they see the lesson while doing something physically with their hands it means they will most likely remember it easier and longer.  I also find that almost every science book is just that, a book of science.  I try to make science come to life as much hands on as I can through hands on science sources like the Magic School Bus series.  One of my recently found hands on science favorite is included in my Parade Unit.  Beck and Elizabeth had a great time and it was learning the science behind simply inflating a balloon without air.  Another great thing about hands on science is that your child will quickly forget that they are learning and not even realize that they are indeed learning something. I highly recommend doing as much hands on science as you can.
Siemens Science A Day … Learning By Doing (this is free, all you have to do is enter your school information.)
10 Days of Nature Study
The Young Scientists Club (this is a paid monthly service)
For any Netflix users, I just found the 2 seasons of the series ‘Beakman’s World’ on instant play. These are slightly cheesy but jammed packed with great scientific information. My son loves these videos!
If you were attending a brick and mortar school your child and their teachers get an ID card?  They would right, so why not get one as homeschoolers too?  I have a great one that you down load yourself for free and use that can be found HERE.
But why should you?  I have them for two main reasons:  The first is for safety.  Your child’s ID card can be used as form of ID for them and yours identifies you as a teacher as well.  The second is for the perks companies and organizations offer to students and teachers.  Just because you are a homeschooling student and teacher does not mean that you have to forfeit the programs for discounts.  Personally we use the Barnes and Noble and public library systems teacher programs a lot.  I would highly recommend that you look into your local area and find places that give student discounts and teacher discounts and don’t be afraid to use your ID with them.  You are a teacher, so when they ask you can proudly present your ID cards and say you are a homeschooling family.  We have used ours at the museums, our local zoo, the movies, the library (check back tomorrow for more details), Barnes and Noble, and much much more.
Get a free copy of the Teacher and Student ID Cards that I made for my family to use by clicking HERE.

As a homeschooling family the one thing that we cannot seem to avoid is the judgment of others.  This comes from strangers and family and even other homeschoolers.  Even though my husband and I took the time to research the best learning environment for our children and made the necessary sacrifices to insure we can continue to homeschool, people always seem to pass judgment without all the facts and label us as ‘those’ parents.  I have no clue what that means, but I know that we made the right decisions for our family.   Even after homeschooling for the last five years most of our family still doesn’t respect or understand why or how we homeschool, but the decision to homeschool was ours to make.  I know that not everyone out there that is homeschooling is doing it by choice, but even those families will benefit from homeschooling in some manner.  The only way to deal with the questions, ridicule, and general uninformed strangers (or family) is to just take the higher road and understand that even though you are being judged, the jury will be your children and not them.

I am often also surprised at the number of times that I have encountered or watched other homeschooling parents/students judge with quite a critical point of view the way that the other homeschooling parent/student does their schoolwork, hours in a day, curriculum used and so on. Homeschooling is a wide open world that should be tailored to your child’s needs and wants so naturally what fits like Cinderella’s glass slipper on my daughter may not fit for your friend’s daughter. I have always thought of this as my motto and homeschooling analogy if you will “Cinderella’s glass slipper was created by her Fairy Godmother for Cinderella’s feet alone. Sometimes as homeschoolers we have to try on a lot of glass slippers to find just that one right curriculum or book that our Fairy Godmother created for our children.” While judgment does come naturally to some people in the way they live their lives if we all continue on our homeschooling journey supporting one another and remembering the glass slipper motto we can all enjoy this marvelous journey together a little more with far less judgment. When you see your child accel in their school work without the outside pressures that are so common in brick and mortar schools your heart will be filled with joy and your brain will see you made the right choice, no matter who is passing judgment on your glass slipper of choice.


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