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Posted on Jan 14 2013 - 1:00pm by Jill
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The kids just finished their unit on Eric Carle using my Storybook Artist Curriculum. The kids and I were all very excited to do this unit study since I have read Eric Carle storybooks to both of my children since they were babies.  Reading Eric Carle’s biography and watching an interview in this curriculum with the children in this unit was so fascinating!


Beck and Elizabeth both studied the artwork throughout the storybooks The Very Hungry Catepillar, Mister Seahorse, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse and From Head To Toe. I selected a random page in the storybook and asked the children if they were able to name that piece of art what would they title it? The names the kids came up with were just as colorful as Eric Carle’s artwork. By the end of their suggestions we were all laughing and giggling to the point that I forgot to write down notes of some of their suggestions. This is what art should be all about at this age, fun! Think of the old Disney movie Mary Poppins and the scenes with Burt using simple chalk on the sidewalk to make a world come alive. To me that is what my Storybook Artist Curriculum brings into my children’s art education. I feel there is no right or wrong, not black or white, just anything and everything goes while learning about the art world and art terms using my Art Terms Copywork Pages:

This unit added the new word “composition” to our art terms pocket chart. Elizabeth picked up this term rather quickly but I found that Beck had some trouble remembering what the word “composition” means. I decided to have Beck and Elizabeth watch the following videos on Discovery Education throughout the unit on Eric Carle:

Basic Drawing Instruction: Composition
Themes and Compositions of Degas and Monet


As part of this lesson Beck completed his Illustrator Report on Eric Carle by using this worksheet included in my curriculum:

I fell head over heels in love with this fun art project that I found over at Deep Space Sparkle so the kids completed this art project:



Here are Beck and Elizabeth’s versions of this art project:
To end our unit study on Eric Carle I had the children select their favorite frame of artwork from the storybooks we used for this unit. Beck chose the Mister Seahorse storybook. Elizabeth chose The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse storybook. Then they each chose a scene from the storybooks to recreate. They had to look at the different textures, art tools and so on that they felt Eric Carle used to create the storybook art. Then, using those tools they tried to recreate one of the scenes/pages from the storybook. Here is what their versions looked like:
I also have to remember to not forget and save all of their artwork throughout the Storybook Artists Curriculum so that I can laminate and bind it all into a keepsake book for them of their Storybook Artist art work!
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This is just a pinch of our magical art journey in this unit!



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