Reading in 1st Printable Reader Series

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Posted on Jan 25 2013 - 6:01pm by Jill
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“… you’ve created a quality series that will motivate  young readers to be active readers.” ~Patty, Homeschool Education Consultant
“The original stories are creative, colorful and engaging. My son wants to use the Reading in 1st Reader Series every day!” ~Becca, homeschool mom to 4 children


My Reading in 1st Reader Series is finally ready for its unveiling!  This project has been a labor of love for my first grader, Elizabeth, who at time has struggled with her overall confidence in her reading skills and abilities due to a natural lisp. My goal in creating this first grade reader series is to not only create special memories with my daughter; but also, to have fun while learning the recommended first grade Dolch sight words, working on reading comprehension skills, and having fun while learning. My hope is that learning new sight words and practicing to read can be fun when you use my Reading in 1stReader Series.


Reading in 1st Reader Series

In this series you will find 20 different and unique stories that will help your child recognize, read, spell, and say all of the Dolch 1st Grade Sight Words.  Each story contains a unique theme that allows your child to recognize and learn each of the Dolch 1st Grade Sight Words.  This is accomplished through a hands-on approach of cutting and pasting the letters of each sight word to have your child spell the words correctly.   Then, at the end of each story reading comprehension questions are included for you, as the teacher, to quiz your child to make sure they are not just memorizing the stories, but rather, they are in instead reading, learning, and comprehending the stories.  To further enhance your student’s comprehension of the sight words they are learning there is a section at the end of each story for you to have your student trace and write the sight words on their own.  To tie-in all of the components of each story I have included a unique book mark that your student can use to track their progress in each story while on their learning adventure.

The Reading in 1st Reading Series does not stop at the stories though.  To further enhance their skills with the Dolch 1st Grade Sight Words there is an associated Go-Fish style Sight Word Game for your student to play.  A deck of cards is provided that contains two of each of the Dolch 1st Grade Sight Words and instructions on how to play the Reading in 1st Go-Fish Game.  Flash cards for each Dolch Sight word are also included so that your student can practice their sight words anywhere, or you can create (or add to your own) a sight word wall for them to review as you need them to.  And lastly, but not least of all, I have also included a Reading in 1st Sight Word Board Game.  In this game players must be able to spell the sight words that they have learned and race their gummy bears to the finish line.


These are just some of the books included in this series.
The Reading in 1st Reader Series includes the following components:
  • 20 sight word interactive reader books with reading comprehension and progress bookmarks
  • Flash cards for a word wall
  • Go Fish Sight Word Game
  • Reading in 1st Sight Word Board Game
  • Teaching Tips
  • Certificate of Completion with Prize
You can work through this series in any order that you choose. As the parent/teacher you can select the sight word that you would like to focus on with your child (or perhaps the sight word that your child is covering in their core language arts curriculum). I created this reader series to be flexible so that it will fit into any learning atmosphere and teaching style. Unlike many other reader series that are available I have included a section on Teaching Tips to help you teach this reader series to your child. I firmly believe that each and every child is beautifully unique when it comes to reading skills and abilities. What works for one child may not for another child, but hopefully these teaching tips will assist you, the teacher in teaching them. I created this series to work alongside any core Language Arts curriculum to help emphasize the 1st grade sight words over the course of a school year. Once your language arts lesson is done for the school day take an extra 10-15 minutes and read the book, or practice the flash cards, or play the go fish game, or play the board game. The most important part of this series is your connection with your child. Make it fun and memories will be made all while learning. After all, Mary Poppins would remind us “That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” and every child zeros in on their reading skills at their own pace and in their own way.


What do I need to get started?
All this reader series will require is the printable series itself plus your time spent reading with your child. There are no hidden materials that you need to purchase to use this reader series.

I hope that you and your student have as much fun playing with the Reading in 1st Reader Series as I have had making it for my daughter!

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