Ice Cube Lift

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Posted on Jan 29 2013 - 1:00pm by Jill
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I have started a new project series with Elizabeth from the fabulous Kiwi Crate.  As part of her last arts and crafts kit that was themed with penguins she was given a hands-on science experiment to do.  It was called Ice Cube Lift.  As Elizabeth loved the rest of the parts of the Kiwi Crateon penguins I had them do this short, but informative hands-on experiment with an ice cube and thread.  All the materials that were needed were an ice cube, a piece of thread, water, and salt.
The first step was to simply let one end of the thread soak in water for about two minutes to get it good and wet like this:
Then, once the thread was nice and wet, we placed the wet thread end on the ice cube.  We then lightly ‘salted’ the thread/ice cube area like this:
With all the instructions followed, it was time to test out our theory: can we lift and ice cube without touching it? Both Beck and Elizabeth didn’t think it was possible.  So, they were greatly surprised to find that when we lifted up on the thread the entire ice cube lifted up to like this:


So, the answer is yes, you can lift an ice cube without touching it.  Now, being the logical and sceintific mind that he is, Beck remember that we learned a lot about polymers a little while ago with a series of Magic School Bus experiments and wanted to if we could still lift the ice cube if we didn’t use salt?  Well, testing that out was real easy.  We pulled out another ice cube and followed the procedures again, but this time, we did not use the salt.  We soaked the thread and then put it on the ice cube.  We waited what we thought was the proper time and then we lifted the thread.  The thread came up nicely and the ice cube stayed just where it was on the plate.


So, since that did not work, Beck said it must have had something to do with the polymers of salt melting the ice cube like it did in the Magic School Bus experiments.  Either way, this was another fun hands-on science experiment that Beck and Elizabeth will remember doing, especially since the Kiwi Crate box included a penguin shaped mold that we used to make the ice cubes for this experiment with.


If your child is into hands on projects then I highly recommend Kiwi Crate.  For a reasonable price they will receive a special box set each month with all the supplies you will need to complete a handful of arts and crafts items themed to the topic of the month.
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