Groundhog Day Unit

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Posted on Jan 20 2013 - 6:23pm by Jill
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Are you a fan of Groundhog Day? I know that my family adores the wonderful and sometimes silly holiday of Groundhog Day. As the kids are getting older (they are 8 and 6 years old now) I want to continue stepping up my complexity of my unit studies and activity units to make them more challenging, age appropriate, and grade level specific for my children. The majority of this unit is grade level appropriate for K – 4th grade.  I tried to dabble a little in each core subject to make a well-rounded unit study for our family to use. I personally plan to use this each day over a 1 week period.
In this Groundhog Day Unit you will find the following activities:
Language Arts: Diary of a Groundhog, Groundhog Acrostic Poem, Groundhog Character Writing, Groundhog Word Fun, Letter to Groundhog, Missing Letter Fun, Phil Learns to Spell, Questions Sprung, See My Shadow, Words to Grow, Groundhog Day Character Writing Prompt and Collage Project and more!
 Math: Time to Party (clock Fun) and Groundhog Day Math Centers.
Science: KWL Chart , getting to know groundhogs, Groundhog Burrows, Groundhog Facts, Groundhog Day Prediction and more!
Social Studies / History / Geography: Internet Hunt, Road Trip, and the Legend of The Groundhog.
Art: Groundhog Day Puppets, Make a Groundhog Day Hat and more!
I also plan to include the following storybooks into our Groundhog Day Unit:


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Clip art used in the unit by:


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