Free Foam Dart Physics Unit Follow-Up

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Posted on Jan 15 2013 - 1:00pm by Jill
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Now that the kids and my husband have had a chance to look at and use the completed Foam Dart Physics Unit that you can find HEREI can show you how they did with it.

The first thing that they had to do was to test out their Nerf Disc Gun to find out its forces acting on the Nerf Disc. My husband set-up a location that he and the kids could use to measure the distances as described in the Foam Dart Unit.  Beck was very happy to finally get to launch his foam discs for school. Beck had fun firing five different discs down range.  While he did that Elizabeth and my husband used a stop watch to time the flight time and then a long tape measure to measure the distances traveled by each disc.  You can see here that the discs didn’t all land in the same place, but I guess that is the point of an experiment, right?

Once they had the timing and distances completed they went about completed the physics portions of the calculations.  Beck had a great time doing the math portions to determine his physics force of his Nerf Gun.

Now that they had the force portions of the Foam Dart Physics Unit that it was time to create the targets to use in the games.  The main target comes in four pieces like this.  I cut them out like this:
Then I put them on cardboard and cut them out. I used packing tape to keep them attached to the card board and they ended up like this:
Once I had all four pieces together it was time to start cutting out the target holes like this with a box cutter:

And here is the main target with all the hole cut out.

Then it was only a matter of finding a long piece of card board to steady the target for us to use it.  I used more of the box I cut the main target out of.  It ended up looking like this:
Ok, so I had the main target completed and it was time to figure out how to make the targets for the word games, math games, and color games. I discussed it with my husband and he suggested that we use 2-liter bottles.  I am not sure if it is his need for soda, or a genuine idea, but hey, why not try it out, right? LOL.  We saved up a few bottles and I raided my storage closet and came up with a bunch of bottles for us to use.  I came up with the plan to put multiple letters, numbers, shape/colors, and functions on each bottle like this:

It took a while to randomize the targets to make sure that it was somewhat fair, but I managed to split up the targets and came up with the following mass of target bottles to shoot at for the Foam Dart Physics Unit:

So, now that we have completed our targets and performed our Foam Dart Physics Unit it is time to get started on playing some games.  Hopefully those of you reading this had as much fun playing the games as we all did.  Let me know if you had fun completed your Foam Dart Physics Unit as we did.


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