Thanksgiving Learning Part 1

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Posted on Nov 11 2012 - 1:10pm by Jill
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Beck and Elizabeth have been busy little bee’s the last week or so with some wonderful Thanksgiving themed learning.  Our house is overflowing with Thanksgiving learning so I have split this post into two parts and tried to include as many links as I can find for what we have done.
Grow Indian corn: I stumbled across this experiment on Pinterest a while back (The original idea is by Share & Remember). I must admit that I was extremely skeptical as to whether this would work but it did! All I did is place a piece of Indian Corn into a throw away container with water.  I did have to refill the container several times but within an 8 day period here is what our experiment looked like:

Corn art project:This I also found on Pinterest (got to love Pinterest) and immediately knew that this would be a quick and fun art project for Beck and Elizabeth and it would make a wonderful Thanksgiving Day card for Grandma and Grandpa. The original idea can be found at Teach Your Tot. Here is the kid’s version of the art project:

Cross legged pilgrim craft: Elizabeth did this super cute craft and writing activity about what she is thankful for. This product is by Evan Moore but I cannot find the actual link or book (I believe that a friend gave this to me last year).
Pilgrim House:Yet another Pinterest find! The original source of this idea is Learners in Bloom. She had the fantastic idea to use alongside Little House on the Prairie. When I saw this craft I knew that the kids would LOVE making a similar home for the Pilgrims themed units we are working on. I used empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. I hot glued the tubes together and added a cardboard roof that flips open so the kids can play in it. We are currently working on making a few dolls and time period appropriate furniture. Beck is writing an essay this next week about how he would have built this home if he were a Pilgrim boy.
Grow a seed inside of a pumpkin: Well I found this science experiment on Pinterest as well and after a month and half it appears to be a failed experiment. We have had no growth what so ever and I have heard from many other people doing this experiment that they have had the same result. Bummer!
Legend of The Indian Paintbrush & The Legend of The Bluebonnet Unit:
Rock Painting – I found this idea over at Scholastic. I had the kids paint a rock with berry juice (markers) just like Little Gopher does in the story. Here are the kid’s finished “painted” rocks:
Learn about an Indian Paintbrush Plant – Here is a beautiful picture of an Indian Paintbrush plant with loads of scientific information:
Color a picture of an Indian Paintbrush Plant – Here is a free coloring page of an Indian Paintbrush:
Make your own Plains Indian Tepee – I found this free printable template:
Writing Project: I love this beginning, middle, end project that I found at Teacher Pay Teacher from Camo Classroom:
Listen to the book: You can also listen to a reading of The Legend of The Indian Paintbrush:

Thankful Wreath of Leaves:
I have done this project since Beck was in Kindergarten. This writing/art project can be found over at Enchanted Learning. Here is Elizabeth’s wreath she made this week:

Thankful Writing: Words just cannot do justice to how much I LOVE this writing assignment. Beck completed this easy introduction to essay writing recently and spent over an hour mapping out his thoughts, writing a rough draft and writing a final version. If you have a 3rd – 6th grader I highly suggest hopping on over and using this freebie from Laura Candler(and all of her other wonderful resources).
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