Foam Dart Physics Unit

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Posted on Nov 19 2012 - 9:16pm by Jill
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Are your kids always running around shooting each other with foam dart guns or hitting each other with foam swords playing pirates or space men?  Do you want to purchase foam dart guns for your kids for their birthday, Christmas, Chanukah, or other holiday but also want them to be used in a lesson (or two) as well?  I know that Beck, Elizabeth, and my husband all love to shoot each other and Beck’s action figures too.There has to be some way to make their fun time educational too. So I was thinking how do I make foam dart guns into a unit study?  I did some research and have come up with an activity unit that introduces Physics and Probability for 3rdto 5th graders and incorporates a bunch of games that allow all ages to use their foam dart guns in educational ways.  ‘Players’ will use their foam dart guns to hit targets to spell words, make math problems, or even try to hit targets that they pick at random.


The physics and probability portions of this unit study is grade level appropriate for 3rd to 5th grades and the games are grade level appropriate for PreK to 5th grades.  There is also a crossword puzzle to test their comprehension of simple physics.  I personally plan to use this during the Thanksgiving break for the kids to ‘play’ with my husband, but I am sure I will find them asking to play the games to use their foam dart guns more.
In this 35+ page Unit Study you will find the following activities:
Language Arts: Target Letter Game and Target Sentence Game.
Math: Probability with Foam Dart Guns, Target Math Game, Target Memory Game.
Science: Introduction to the Physics of Motion, Foam Dart acceleration Experiment
Social Studies / History / Geography:  Foam Dart Safety Rules


To wrap it all up I have created a bulls-eye style target, letter targets, math function targets, letter targets, punctuation targets, color targets, shape targets, and blank targets and Game Player Cards for use in all the games.
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