E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planner – Month 2

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Posted on Nov 15 2012 - 6:30pm by Jill
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Last month I kicked off this new monthly series and I am happy to say it has been a hit! Many of you shared your stories about how following my monthly meal planner saved your family money and kept a fresh variety of meals flowing through your household. That just warms my heart!
This month is a little different than a “typical” month since we are in the midst of the holidays (however I still plan to spend around or less then $350.00 for all meals and snacks). For our family this year it means that we will actually be having two Thanksgiving meals. We have a family member who is a nurse at a local hospital and has to work on Thanksgiving Day itself so we are heading to their house this weekend for a traditional turkey Thanksgiving meal. We are also blessed in that we will most likely be given a lot of leftover turkey to bring home which means days of meals for our family.
After much discussion with my husband we thought it would be a bit of over kill on our family to have tons of turkey this weekend and then again on Thursdays for our Thanksgiving meal, so instead we decided to go with a ham for our Thanksgiving and then a turkey for Christmas. I have included our Thanksgiving Day Menu in this month’s meal planner (complete with links or my recipes included) and I have also thrown in some desserts. Please just note that we do not eat all of the desserts in one day but I LOVE to bake so we enjoy them over the next week or two.  We also share some of these treats with our friends and neighbors. Here is a peek at our Thanksgiving Menu and Dessert Menu that you can find in this printable (complete with links):
Here are a few tips for your meal planning shopping:
Buy your meats, baby carrots and tortillas at Costco or Sam’s Club! The prices for these items in a typical grocery store are outrageous but in a wholesale store they are very reasonable.
Also please remember that just because a recipe calls for a certain quantity of meat you can be the judge and use the meal sparingly. I don’t know about you, but I often find that when making certain recipes many of them call for way more meat than required for the dish. This is something that my husband has struggled with for almost a decade now with me and is finally seeing the light. Meat is expensive these days and typically the most expensive ingredient in the meal. Meat should be part of the meal but not where it overwhelms the other components of the meal.

I am happy to continue to share previous month’s meal planners.  I keep all the recipes, planners, and lessons on my blog, so please make sure to check out my Meal Planning Page for more tips and recipes for when it comes to monthly shopping from month’s past!

In this month’s free printable you will find my monthly meal planners complete with links, some of our family recipes that I typed up, a blank Costco shopping list, a shopping lesson form for educational purposes and so on! Many of you also asked for a blank weekly meal planner so you will find this included in the free printable as well. Hopefully this will help make your planning a little easier, more fun or at the very least, give you some new recipes. I will share my monthly meal planners with you each month as I create them for our family. Enjoy!
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