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Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 12:00pm by Jill
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Have you ever approached your homeschooling plans with a sigh? It seems that the beginning of a new homeschooling year is full of zeal! Everything is new and ready to be experienced! A new grade, new books, maybe even new shoes although these are not required! But it seems after a few weeks, our excitement turns into monotony and the spring in our step falls a little flat. What do you do when you hit this point?

I have found that in these moments, it’s usually the teacher that needs to reenergize and refocus. Call me crazy, but in my little corner of the earth, I have found that I set the tone for the homeschooling day more than my students! So here are a few things that I do in order to get excited about homeschooling again!

Go blogging!I approach this in two ways: first, I update my own blog. This helps me to refocus on why I am at home with my children all….day….long…, what I am actually doing, and how I am accomplishing my goals. Second, I go visit some of my favorite bloggers! Some of these are homeschooling bloggers that really understand the discouragements as well as the blessings of homeschooling! I also follow teacher bloggers who offer great resources and freebies that I can integrate into my homeschool plans. Sometimes it is enough to just sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy grown up talk, you know what I mean? *Warning* Do not approach blog hopping as a way to compare yourself with others! It should be used as a source to jumpstart your creative battery! “There is no one alive who is youer than you!”  (Kudos if you know who wrote that!)


Here’s a hint:



Explore Pinterest!Pinterest, oh Pinterest, “how I love thee! Let me count the ways- One one thousand, two one thousand!” (Double kudos to the one who can name that movie!) Pinterest is a one-stop shop for amazing ideas, pictures, and creative resources! I follow many amazing people who make me WANT to try some of their ideas. Before you ask: YES! I have actually tried some of the things I have pinned! Okay, maybe not turning my non-existent porch into a mega patio but a few things I have actually done!


Go to the Library!You might ask how this would re-energize a homeschooling Mama. As for me, I am a book lover! Passionate about reading! I puffy heart love it! So, a trip to the library means I am surrounded by wonder! It also means that WE ARE OUT OF THE HOUSE! (Tehehehe) My girls also love the library and we will spend quite a long time perusing and enjoying the children’s literature. This puts me into a creative frame of mind as I start considering how to create a unit around a theme or book. There are so many activities that you can do with a book and many have already been created! Just search for them online! I have found many lapbooks available for free that focus on a beloved storybook. But there are many units available for a small price that would definitely be worth the expense! Units bring a cohesive feel to your week. The best part about a thematic unit is the fact that all subjects can be integrated into that one theme! You are using a book to teach everything! LOVE IT!
So, before you throw your hands in the air and ask why you are homeschooling in the first place… wait… you may still do that anyway. Anyhoo, take time each week to recharge your excitement about homeschooling and learning! This excitement will most assuredly be felt by even the most reluctant learners and it might even save a few lives in the process! 😉
Learning 4 Keeps
Leah is a public school teacher turned home educator. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. After working in a first grade classroom for four years, Leah decided to use her passion for education to teach her own children. So began a journey that has entered its fourth year!
When she is not teaching her three girls (11, 8, and 3), you will find her reading a book or creating music. She assists her husband in leading a growing church in Tallahassee and feels passionately about connecting with others.  She also loves creating teacher resources for educators both in the schools and at dining room tables around the world! Thus, she added blogger to her resume.
To sum it up: God and family is life, reading is a love, music is a passion, and coffee is a necessity! 🙂
I am so honored to have Leah from Learning 4 Keeps as a Guest Poster this month! Leah is always so kind and considerate of others (which if you do not have your own blog or website trust me is rare and a big deal in the cyber world). Her blog always has fresh and new ideas that inspire me. Both of my children especially love her unit on The Lonely Scarecrow! Thanks Leah!
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