Storybook Artist: Ashley Bryan

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Posted on Oct 3 2012 - 12:00pm by Jill
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The kids are thriving and gaing new art skills and learning new art terms using my Storybook Artist Curriculum. We just finished our 2 weeks studying about the storybook artist Ashley Bryan. The kids were rather skeptical going into this section of the curriculum since the artwork by Ashley Bryan has a different look and feel to it than that of other storybook artists. I am happy to say by the end of this section both of the kids loved his artwork so much that we ordered other storybooks with his artwork from our local library!

Beck and Elizabeth both studied the artwork throughout the storybook Beautiful Blackbird. I selected a random page in the storybook and asked the children if they were to name that piece of art what would they title it?

This unit added a new word to our art terms pocket chart, “abstract”. I then sat down with both of the children and we found several example of abstract art used in the storybook Beautiful Blackbird. I was happily surprised to find that both of the children were able to not only understand this art term but also find other examples in other storybooks over the next few weeks. Beck was not a fan of abstract art as he often likes to view things lately as black and white. Elizabeth loved learning the freedom that her artwork could take and did not know that art could look similiar to something real but take on other characterics.
As part of the lessons Beck completed his Illustrator Report on Ashley Bryan by using this worksheet included in my curriculum:

This unit also expanded the kids artistic skills by completing a fun foam print making project. The art project called for the use of styrofoam but for so reason I could not find a styrofoam cup or plate anywhere in our home. Luckily I had a sample of a memory foam mattress that we were able to use. Strange use of a memory foam mattress, sure. But it worked! Here is the apple and worm “stamp” that the kids made out of the foam:
Our worm and apple homemade foam stamps in action!

To end our unit study on Ashley Bryan I had the children select their favorite frame of artwork in the Beautiful Blackbird storybook.

I also have to remember to not forget to save all of their artwork throughout the Storybook Artists Curriculum so that I can laminate and bind it all into a keepsake book for them of their Storybook Artist art work!

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This is just a pinch of our magical art journey in this unit! If you are following along on our storybook journey through the art world please feel free to link up your blog posts below for the Ashley Bryan unit!
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