Christmas Around The U.S.A. Curriculum

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Posted on Oct 13 2012 - 12:00pm by Jill
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Christmas Around The USA Curriculum
“There’s lots of information included, but it’s done in a way you can pick and choose if you need or want to.For young kids, the unit will be a great introduction to the geography of the U.S. and for older kids it’s a great review while also teaching them more about each individual state.” – Genny @ In Lieu of Prechool
“I love how much they learned about their favorite state in just a few minutes! We’ll definitely try to do a state every day until Christmas. A perfect addition to our Advent traditions.” – Jennifer @ Royal Little Lambs

“I honestly think my son could do this whole lesson thinking he was just crafting and playing games without realizing that it was school!” – Elizabeth T.

Join our family on a Christmas themed journey on board an airplane being pulled by reindeer to visit all of the 50 states in the U.S.A. at Christmas time! The kids and I are enjoying our journey throughout all of the 50 states this school year. I personally always find that my kids attention span during November and December seems to diminish as the holidays grow near. I created this unit/curriculum to supplement/replace part of our core curriculum during the months of November and December.
My inspiration for this unit study was that we all have to teach geography and learn about the 50 United States at some point. When we learn about the states we see that we are all part of the same great nation, but we also ALL have our own traditions, especially over Christmas due to our nation’s diversity. So, as any good homeschooling mom would do I started looking to see if I could teach these different traditions and the answer, as always, is yes, but in this case there wasn’t a product that I could just buy to fit the need. Grab your brick themed suitcase, greeting card to Santa and prepare yourself for the Christmas learning adventure of a lifetime!

Here is an example of one of the many fun and educational components of this unit/curriculum. This is our Christmas Around The U.S.A. Ornament Tree. The tree itself was inspired by (Julie at Creekside Learning from The Giving Tree Project that we did as part of a Summer Book Exchange).

There is an individual lesson for each of the 50 states. Lessons start with a fun Christmas States themed song that I created for this Christmas Around The U.S.A. sung to the tune of Jingle Bells. Get your free copy of this song by clicking this link HERE.
(If you would like to blog about using the Christmas States song you must link back to this blog post. Please only link to this blog post and do not link to the download link itself. This is an original song created by myself so please make sure to give me proper credit when referencing the Christmas States song, thank you!).

In this 165+ page unit/curriculum I have included a lot of great facts, specific events, lots of fun activities, and tried my best to provide as much variety as I can for each of the 50 different States. I have included fun activities like ornament decorating, making an ornament tree to display your ornaments, arts, crafts, baking, and other fun things. The arts and crafts range from a coloring pages to hand made puppets to reindeer food recipes. Here are some of the fun and educational things included for each state:

• Brick themed suitcase to hold state holiday cards
• Holiday card for each state
• Christmas card for Santa with holiday stamps
• Holiday stamp for each state
• Ornament to decorate for each state
• An ornament tree craft project
• Christmas themed stated recognition game
• Various arts, crafts, baking, and fun activities to do along your journey
Included for your enjoyment and educational reinforcement of material is this Polar Express themed board game that can be used as often as you wish:

Take a look below at what is included for the state of Texas (not pictured is the board game, song, tree, passport, and so on that are used with each lesson in this unit):

I am passionate about this brand new unit/curriculum, I know, but don’t just take my word about the magical holiday learning fun found inside this Christmas Around The U.S.A., read some of what other people think about this unit/curriculum…

Elizabeth T. said:

“I have to start off by saying that I am a firm believer in celebrating each holiday fully before moving on to the next. In my area, Christmas decorations are out in the stores in September! I am very conscientious about decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving before I put up my Christmas tree. Having said that, after looking through the Christmas Around the USA unit study, I just might change my mind! As soon as I started scrolling through the unit, I had visions in my head of the boys making the tree and decorating!
This unit is the perfect way to introduce a few fun facts about each state. There is just enough information to be interesting, and not so much that it would be hard to remember. The game is a great way to reinforce, in a fun way, where the states are located. I honestly think my son could do this whole lesson thinking he was just crafting and playing games without realizing that it was school!”

Genny at In Lieu of Preschool said:

I am a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom and I am so excited to use Christmas Around the USA this year with my two preschool aged children. After previewing it myself, I know we are going to have a blast with it this year and for many years to come! This 50 states unit study is designed for ages 3-103 and I do believe all ages can glean something from it. If you’re a homeschooler, this is designed as a supplement to your core curriculum, but I really think *any* family could benefit from using it because it teaches a lot of geography in a really fun way, and it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase because there is enough information here you could easily make this study a yearly tradition (as I intend to do)!

The 50 states in this study are organized into 5 regions and there is lots of terrific information presented for each and every one. There are activities you repeat or add to for each state, like the catchy Christmas states song, the Christmas card to Santa, the state ornament that you make for the Christmas tree that you craft at the beginning of the unit, and the holiday card for your suitcase. There are also unique activities for each state as well like lists of the Christmas festivals and events particular to that state, suggested songs to listen to, links to online videos, recipes to try, fine motor and other activities to complete, book and movie suggestions, a letter from a real family that lives in the state telling you about what Christmas is like for them, and activity suggestions, like taking a family bedtime drive to look at Christmas lights. There’s even a Christmas Around the USA board game designed to teach state shape recognition!

From a teaching and a parenting perspective, the unit is well laid out, easy to follow, and it’s all simple! I really like the fact it’s designed to be multi-level so you can use it with kids of all different ages at the same time. There’s lots of information included, but it’s done in a way you can pick and choose if you need or want to. For young kids, the unit will be a great introduction to the geography of the U.S. and for older kids it’s a great review while also teaching them more about each individual state.
I really don’t think you could go wrong with this study if you want your children to learn more about geography, culture, and traditions!! I can’t wait to get started!

Jennifer over at Royal Little Lambs had so many good things to say she wrote a entire blog post about this unit/curriculum. Check it out by clicking HERE .


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