Johnny Appleseed Unit Study

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Posted on Sep 7 2012 - 12:00pm by Jill
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Who was Johnny Appleseed? Why do we need to teach our children about him? These are questions that come every fall and I hear one child or another in our homeschool circle ask. Whether you believe all of the tall tales about our American Legend Johnny Appleseed (I like to think most of them are true since it is more fun to carry on the legend this way) we can all learn a life lesson or two from Johnny Appleseed’s kindness both to Mother Nature and to the other’s around him. I hope that you and your children enjoy this journey with Johnny Appleseed. No storybooks will be necessary to accompany this unit since I have included an interactive storybook/workbook for you to use to learn the folklore surrounding Johnny Appleseed.

In this 30 page Unit Study about Johnny Appleseed you will find the following activities:
Language Arts: Interactive Johnny Appleseed storybook (and workbook), new vocabulary terms pocket chart strips, vocabulary fun with Education Cubes, Let’s make a match, Sentence fun, Johnny Appleseed writing prompt, Mail call, Johnny Appleseed grace, and more!
Math: Apple multiplication, addition, and subtraction.
Science: Describe your apple, Apple seeds, Apple diagram, I am an apple detective and more!
Social Studies / History / Geography: Where did Johnny Appleseed plant his apple orchards mapping activity, Johnny Appleseed chart and more!
Art: Make a Johnny Appleseed Pot Hat!
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The clip art found in this unit can be found at: KPM Doodles , Fancy Dog Studio , and Maree Truelove.
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