Storybook Artist: Mitsumasa Anno

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Posted on Aug 3 2012 - 2:00pm by Jill
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I have been so excited to finally sink my teeth into my newly created Storybook Artist Curriculum. We just finished our first 2 weeks studying about the storybook artist Mitsumasa Anno.
Beck and Elizabeth both studied the artwork throughout the storybook Anno’s Magic Seeds. This was a touching moment for me both as their mother and teacher was when they giggled flipping every page during the reading of the story and counted all of the seeds. I then flipped to a random page and asked them if Mr. Anno were to give this particular piece of artwork a title what would it be?
Beck’s suggestion was “The Farm”. Elizabeth’s suggestion was “Happy People”.
We added a new word to our art terms pocket chart, “docent”. The kids and I then discussed what a docent does and why they tend to work for free in museums.

As part of the lessons Beck completed his Illustrator Report on Mitsumasa Anno by using this worksheet included in my curriculum:

I then went over the elements and principles of art using a chart (link included in my curriculum) and had Beck and Elizabeth give me some examples of each. I hung the chart on my “art” wall in our schoolroom so that the kids can reference it throughout the year as we progress through the Storybook Artists Curriculum as well as the Art Terms Copywork I created for them.

To end our unit study on Mitsumasa Anno I had the children select their favorite frame of artwork in the Anno’s Magic Seeds storybook. Both Beck and Elizabeth concluded that watercolors would be the best of the art tools we have on hand to make creations that look like Mr. Anno’s artwork in this storybook. Here is their finished artwork:

I also have to remember and not forget to save all of their artwork throughout the Storybook Artists Curriculum so that I can laminate and bind it all into a keepsake book for them of their Storybook Artist art work!
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