Paul Revere Unit Study

Fresh off the heels of his Davy Crockett unit study Beck dove into learning all about Paul Revere. When I first described who Paul Revere was Beck most certainly questioned what roll and importance could Paul Revere possibly have had in our history? I tried to pull together some different elements to make one complete unit study for Beck. Here is what I came up with:

Paul Revere
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Video: And Then What Happened?

Rather than have Beck take a standard test to show his knowledge and understanding of Paul Revere’s contribution to our history I asked Beck to make a comic book. My requirements for the comic book were as follows: it must be at least 15 pages, show multiple characters and scenes, and in the dialogue of the comic book it had to be historically accurate. I am happy to say that not only did Beck do a fantastic job but he loved doing it! He spent several days in his bedroom with his door closed (no girls allowed phase). I am so proud of him!
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