Learning About Dinosaur Fossil’s

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Posted on Aug 28 2012 - 2:00pm by Jill
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Recently Beck and Elizabeth were learning about fossil’s in our Science Chapter Tests curriculum that I created for this school year.  The kids learned all about what a fossil is, what ammonite and amber are, and we also discussed the different theories that scientists have about why dinosaurs went extinct.  This unit tied in nicely with my dinosaur writing prompts that I created last school year so I had Elizabeth and Beck pick their favorite dinosaurs and completed a page from the prompts. Beck loves his T-Rex and Elizabeth loves her Triceratops.
We watched these movies on Netflix during our unit study:
  • Disney Dinosaurs
  • Land Before Time
I thought it would be fun to have the kids make their own fossils using air dry clay. Beck and Elizabeth each chose a plastic animal toy (a dinosaur and a frog). I then prepared some of our Crayola air dry clay.  We then rolled the toy inside of a decent sized clay ball. Lastly, we had to let the clay harden.
We decided to let the clay set for a week and when we checked it we found the clay was more than ready for my little paleontologists to carefully crack open. Our Triceratops fossil turned out perfectly with air dry clay and a plastic dinosaur toy. Unfortunately, 2 seconds after this picture Elizabeth spun around and her fossil slipped out and shattered on the floor. I explained that this is why paleontologists use such small tools and care. Her reply “Hmmm…that’s not the job for me then”.
Science Chapter Tests
To learn more about my Science Chapter Tests Curriculum click HERE.


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