DIY Paint and Texture Tools

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Posted on Aug 27 2012 - 1:34pm by Jill
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I was tempted a few years ago to purchase a very expensive pack of painting texture tools at Lakeshore Learning. While what I have created in no which way competes with the longevity of the kit they sell we have enjoyed ours. I have found over the years that I end up having to make 2-4 sets per school year but it still amounts to a huge savings to our homeschool budget plus I am able to mix up different textures each time that I create a paint and texture tool set for the kids.

I created this one with a large tongue depressor / popsicle stick, masking tape and 2 large rubber bands. I took 2 large rubber bands and cut them into equal lengths. I then used masking tape to keep the rubber bands in place.
I created these with clothes pins, masking tape and pom pom balls. I wrapped the masking tape around the bottom opening mouth of the clothes pin so that it didn’t accidentally open when being used. I then hot glued the pom pom balls on.

We use all of these plus many others along with our regular paint brushes so that the kids can create extra texture and movement in their art without taking a large amount of time or money to create them.

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