Alice in Wonderland Unit Study

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Posted on Aug 18 2012 - 2:00pm by Jill
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Do you have an Alice in Wonderland fan in your home? I know that Beck, Elizabeth and I adore the whacky upside world of Wonderland. As the kids are getting older (they are 8 and 6 years old now) I want to continue stepping up my game to make my unit studies and activity units more challenging and age appropriate for the kids.
The majority of this unit study is grade level appropriate for K – 4th grade (however I labeled the front K-3 for my own homeschooling files).  I tried to dabble a little in each core subject to make a well-rounded unit study for our family to use. I personally plan to use this each day over a 2 week period to supplement our core studies. This will hopefully allow the kids and I to expand on topics that interest them, read the storybook and end the unit with none other than the classic Disney Movie Alice in Wonderland and an Unbirthday Party that is worthy of the Mad Hatter.
In this 40+ page Unit Study you will find the following activities:
  • Language Arts: A is for Alice, A Wonderland of Punctuation, Curiouser and Curiouser, Mail Call for Alice, Questions Sprouted, Words to Grow, Crossword Puzzle and more!
  • Math: Caterpillar Coin Match Up, Drink Me, Off With Her Head (an addition, subtraction and multiplication game), The Mad Hatter’s Place Value Fun, You’re Late For A Very Important Date and more!
  • Science: What is a Rabbit (in this set of lessons your child will learn all about rabbit’s behavior, anatomy and habitat, with short content quizes), Dissapearing Ink with the Cheshire Cat and The Tweedle’s Fun With A Color Wheel.
  • Social Studies / History / Geography: Create a map of Wonderland, Who was Lewis Carroll? (worksheet, research, and timeline project), The Victorian Era ~ the kids will learn about Queen Victoria and Child Labor through research and comparison.
  • Art: Create a book jacket.
And to top it all off, I included a Final Project that will make a wonderful keepsake to store away and look at when the children are all grown!
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