DIY Organizing and Decorating Your Schoolroom Series Part 3

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Posted on Jun 19 2012 - 5:59am by Jill
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Today’s DIY: Artwork/schoolwork Display

I have always had a bulletin board for the kids. Even though we homeschool I have found that the bulletin board was a way for them to share their current topic/theme with their Dad, family and friends. They also are always proud little peacocks to look up and see their work on display. For years I have just used scotch tape to hold their work on the walls. I constantly found that by the next day their work was laying on the floor. During the move our son’s bed broke but my husband and I kept the finished slats just in case we could use them in a future project. This was that project! I screwed the twin sized finished slats up to the school room wall. Then I placed a nail at an angle. I then slide down a regular old alligator clip so that now their work can get clipped on and it looks beautiful displayed!
What have you created to help organize or decorate your classroom?

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