DIY Organizing and Decorating Your Schoolroom Series Part 2

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Posted on Jun 18 2012 - 6:00am by Jill
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Today’s DIY: How To Organize Construction Paper

If your supply closet is anything like mine after just one art project your supply of construction paper is a mess. There are small pieces of construction paper that cannot be used. I often have found myself sitting down and quickly flipping through our bin only to find that I do not have any “pink” construction paper. I pick up the “pink” construction paper at the teacher supply store the following week. As I am putting the “pink” construction paper into the bin I find that the children had just thrown in the “pink’ construction paper wherever they chose. The end result is that I now have a 2 year’s supply of “pink” construction paper, LOL. This happened to me with almost every single color you could think of this past school year. It drove me absolutely bonkers! While working on reorganizing my schoolroom for next year I decided to place all of my construction paper into a portable Rubbermaid bin with hanging file folders for each color. This way I can carry the construction paper to the part of the house where we are doing the project and it will not take me a half an hour to find the color we need to use. I thought that I would share this quick tip with everyone just in case there is another construction paper challenged family out there like us.
What have you created to help organize or decorate your classroom?

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