Child’s Play Science – Air in Soil

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Posted on Jun 6 2012 - 6:09am by Jill
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Did you know if there is air in garden soil?  Our daughter is finishing her Kindergarten Science lessons.  She has been using Child’s Play Science.  This science curriculum has been enjoyable and very appropriate for her, and it has hands-on components that are easy and fun.
So, today’s question was is if you fill a glass partly with garden soil and then add water to fill the glass what comes out of the soil?  So, we put some garden soil in our daughter’s favorite science beaker like this…
What we saw was pretty cool.  In the words of our daughter: “Look, its blowing bubbles!” The soil had trapped air that the water displaced and since the soil is dirty it bubbled to the top and made bubbles.  All I could take a photo of was this though LOL…
So, what type of hands on science experiments have you done recently?
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