USA State Studies for the 2012-2013 School Year

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Posted on Apr 24 2012 - 6:22am by Jill
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Since we just completed 2 years of touring the world I wanted to take the next year to learn about each of the states in the United States of America (or perhaps two years if I find that we take more time learning about states). Over the past 4 years I have been stocking up on items to make a complete, comprehensive and fun curriculum for the children to use. I will be referencing this curriculum I have pulled together throughout the coming school year so I wanted to share with everyone the resources that I have sandwiched together to make a custom curriculum. My goal was to pull parts from various resources so that our son (who will be in 3rdgrade) as well as our daughter (who will be in 1st grade) will be able to use this curriculum alongside each other. I do however want to make sure that they each take away from lessons age/grade level/skill level appropriate information. Here is what I have come up with:
I found this wonderful mini book set on Craig’s List several years ago for less than $2.00. There is a mini book for each states and several mapping activities.
Bundled together at the moment until I have the time to finish putting the worksheets into individual binders for the children are the following items: 50 Days of 50 States (I was able to find this on super sale earlier on), State Study Notebooking Pages, State Birds PosterUnited States Bingo.
Here you will find the 50 States License Plates and the Passports that we plan to use.
Liesl over at The Homeschool Den created this wonderful free printable a while back to practice landmarks and symbols.

We still LOVE our Education Cubes so I plan on having the children use these cards to practice their learning independently.

I am also going to use a free mapping activity found HERE. Erica over at Confessions of a Homeschooler offers her Road Trip USA: Animals of the United States for FREE!

Anytime that I can add an appropriate musical element into our lessons the kids always look forward to listening while they work. I decided to use Wee Sing America for this unit study.

Here you will see my Target dollar bin save from several years (workbooks, flashcards, dry erase map, books).

I will be using these PowerPoint Presentations that I found HERE for free! I personally love to utilize PowerPoint Presentations since they generally tend to be short, can open up communication and discussions with my children in a different format. I also plan to use the Member’s Only PowerPoint Presentations over at 1+1+1=1, they are fantastic!

I also stumbled upon this fantastic free United States lapbook HERE from Marine Corps Nomads! Included are state flags, trivia and so on. I am currently working on putting the lapbook shell together and filing it away with our other United States materials to start using in July.

These items make up the core elements of this unit. I pulled certain worksheets and activities so that both children have something that is grade/skill level appropriate but I also made sure that the curriculum’s blended together seamlessly so that I can teach both of the children at the same time. I have a list of potential projects to complete throughout the year (the problem is narrowing down the options).
Will you be studying the United States this coming school year? What books or resources are you looking forward to using?
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