Science Chapter Tests Curriculum

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Posted on Apr 27 2012 - 1:29pm by Jill
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As many of you may already know one key goal that I always try to use in our family’s homeschool is curriculum that can be used jointly for multiple grade and skill levels. This next school year our children will both have their own core science curriculum (McRuffy) as well as many hands on science experiments scattered throughout the school year.
Science Chapter Tests
A very important key to our children’s learning is that just because they can do one to two grade levels above their actual grade level does not always mean that it’s the best decision to do so. I do have our son venture out into multiple grade levels in Science and Math however as with any core subject this will do our children a disservice if they skip some of the boring key definitions and factors that they are supposed to learn each school year. For this reason you will see me throughout a school year throw in topics, skills and projects for my children that may look like a step back from what you saw them complete the previous week before. I want our children to learn at their own pace, whether that be an average or excelled rate, but I do not want them to ever skip so far ahead that they are not learning the basics and core skills of each grade level.
I can not find the same exact looking book that our family has online however I am told by the book store that this book is exactly the same just with a different cover and I did flip through the book to confirm this.
A family member gave this lovely book to our son this past Christmas. As I started to flip through it my creative mind immediately saw the massive potential in using this book this coming school year with both of the children. Since this is not their core science curriculum, but rather a supplemental science curriculum that I plan to use with them once a week throughout the school year I was thrilled that both of our children will be able to take away educational benefits from this book.
I created these chapter science tests (or worksheets if you prefer) to go along with this book. I created these worksheets to reinforce concepts learned in the chapters as well as give the children room to show me what they know about a certain topic. In my opinion I believe that the grade levels best suited to these worksheets would be 1st – 4th grade. There are more than enough chapters to use for an entire school year. Here are some examples of what you will find in this set of printables:
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