President’s Day Lessons

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Posted on Feb 22 2012 - 1:57pm by Jill
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I know that President’s Day was this past Monday however I always tend to spend several days having the kids listen to storybooks, videos or work on projects. I know that most of you have already done your President’s Day themed work already however perhaps you can gather a few ideas for next school year.
The kids watched video lessons on President’s Day, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln at both Discovery Education and BrainPop Jr.Then they completed the corresponding worksheets and tests.
The kids made the log cabin that Abraham Lincoln grew up in (made out construction paper):
This was a fun “game” that I have the kids do where I gave them a fact about either President Washington or President Lincoln and they had to figure out which one of the President’s the fact was about.
I came across this really cute idea on Pinterest and decided to tweak it here and there. I had the kids come up with 6 interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln. Then they made these log cabins and glued on their facts. The kids really enjoyed making this project and spent an hour looking through various books to make sure that their facts were accurate. I was amazed at some of the facts that the kids found!
I really wanted my son to do a short report on either Abraham Lincoln or George Washington. Next year I plan to have him study all of the Presidents. My son has never done well when given a blank piece of paper (which is probably why he is not the biggest fan of creative writing). That being the case I went on a hunt to find a simple printable form to use for each President. There was nothing … nada … zilch out there to use for someone in lower elementary school. I was shocked but immediately went to work and created this printable.
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