Creek Day

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Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 3:15pm by Jill
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Creek Day - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
Today was just one of those strange days right from the beginning. After I woke up this morning and went to grab my first cup of coffee before sitting back down in bed to see what happened over night in the blogging world I was greeted by an unwanted friend. My husband told me to stop right where I was and to put a light on. Spiders are very common in our neck of the woods so I figured it was a large spider. No such luck! Right there sitting on my pillow that I just had my head resting on was a scorpion! Christmas Cookies (that’s what I have come accustomed to saying when I feel the need arises to use what we shall say are un-lady like words). I guess the countryside has mellowed me or perhaps it was because I was still half asleep and had not had my morning cup of coffee but I just brushed it off. A year ago you probably would have found me sleeping on the sofa because I was still afraid that a city of scorpions had formed in my bed. It still set the entire day off on the wrong foot though I must say.

After lunch the kids and I all started looking at various projects but none of us had the willpower to continue with our previously scheduled and planned lessons. What does our family do when the kids focus has taken an unexpected trip to Neverland after lunch? Well, we are lucky enough to have our beautiful creek and bridge area on one side of house so I gathered paper, masking tape, colored pencils and pens.

On our walk down to the bridge the kids each selected a long stick to use for their scientific experiment. We are supposed to have a big rain storm coming in over the next few days so my son asked me “How much rainfall do you think we will actually get at our house?”.  I had both our son and daughter place their sticks off the bridge just until they felt resistance and dirt in the creek. We then pulled the stick up and right above where the wet wood ended we placed masking tape with the date on it. This way each day for a 7 day period the kids could “measure” the rainfall. They had a blast doing this and I am SO happy yet again, that we moved out to the countryside/mountains (despite the scorpions).
After measuring the water level in the creek today I had the kids sit on the little picnic bench by the fire pit. I had them select any tree and try their best to both draw and color it. Then it was like magic, just like that their focus was back and luckily for us it wasn’t until they were almost finished coloring their artwork when a nasty big squirrel started throwing acorns at us from up in a tree. I do think the little bugger was doing it on purpose too since we kept moving and he seemed to follow us and continued throwing acorns. I swear the squirrels out here drink a special kind of water, if you know what I mean.
When we got back into the house our son immediately went to the internet to look up what kind of tree he had drawn. What do you do on homeschooling days when your child loses focus? By the way don’t you love the way our daughter does country attire? She wears that black sequined hat everywhere when she leaves the house, so cute!
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