Thanksgiving Activities Part 1

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Posted on Nov 16 2011 - 7:00am by Jill
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We have been busy this month learning all about Thanksgiving, the 1st Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, etc. I would like to share some of the activities with all of my readers.
Pumpkin Pie counting and addition practice:
First create a “pumpkin pie” outline out of orange construction paper. Then print a number/ math problem in the center of the pie.
For your whipped topping I used an empty Cool Whip container that I cleaned out and filled with regular old cotton balls.
Now you’re ready for some Pumpkin Pie mathematical fun!
Thanksgiving Tangram Fun:
Although both our son and daughter are well above this level of tangrams they always enjoy the holidays images and practice never hurts anyone!
Pumpkin Measuring:
We are still putting our Halloween pumpkins to good use! Prior to turning our pumpkins into pies, muffins, etc. I had each of the children use their blocks, scales, rulers and tape measures to see the differences in size and weight. We also used a bucket to find out whether pumpkins sink or float. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of this activity since there was a huge splash zone going on and I really did not want my camera to get wet.
Stay tuned for Thanksgiving Activities Part 2. What Thanksgiving lessons and activities have you been up to this month

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