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Posted on Oct 24 2011 - 3:00pm by Jill
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There are times when I stumble across an idea on Pinterest that apparently I keep bringing up over and over again. Whether that is in my lists or conversations. This project was one of those ideas that has just stuck with me…
I was sick with a nasty cold/flu over this past weekend so I decided to start checking things off of my ongoing Pinterest list. You will see many projects over the next week or two that I will share with you.
I was so inspired by the overall concept of the Thanksgiving Gratitude Board that I knew I had to make this project so that our family can have a new Thanksgiving tradition every year. As homeschoolers we tend to appreciate things in our lives more since our focus is more family oriented and usually at a slower daily pace. No matter whether you homeschool or not, children (and adults) can never stop enough to appreciate the good things in their lives.
Please make sure to go to Jellybean Junkyard blog to read about and see her Give Thanks Gratitude Board that inspired me to make my own. I truly admire how this project took her 2.5 hours to complete. My board on the other hand (perhaps because I used different materials) took me an entire day to complete (including drying times).
Here are the items I used to make my board:
~ Particle Board (roughly 24”by 28”) that I then covered in wood patterned scrapbooking paper
~ Elmer’s glue & a glue stick
~ Variety of fall themed scrapbooking paper
~ Scotch Tape
~ Stencils
~ Dot-A-Dot Gold Glitter Paint
~ Permanent Marker
~ Different colored and textured ribbons
~ Light colored card stock for writing the messages on
~ Regular business size envelopes (I was able to get 2 pockets out of 1 envelope)(Coin envelopes were ridiculously expense and I checked multiple stores) [Office Depot #10 Envelopes)
~ Single Hole Punch
After gluing the background scrapbooking paper my board I then lined the border of the board with a beautiful rich brown ribbon that has a lot of detail on it. Then I made the header using a piece of scrapbooking paper, stencil and my kids Dot-A-Dot gold glitter paint. Once I stenciled the letters using the gold glitter paint onto a cardstock I then carefully cut them out. I scattered their pattern intentionally onto the header and layed down a thick layer of Elmer’s Glue using my finger (you could use Mod Podge instead).
While my board, header and ribbon-border are drying I worked on the pockets. I cut out a template size for my pockets out of the business envelopes. My pockets were approximately 3 3/8” by 3 ¾”. I did leave a 1” extra tab on the open side so that I could then fold and tape it using scotch tape. Once all of your pockets have been made I glued all of the pockets on different scrapbooking backgrounds with a glue stick and allowed them an hour or so to dry. Then I cut the pockets out and played around with the patterns on my board (5 rows of 6 pockets each). Once I was happy with the pattern I then stenciled the numbers with a black permanent marker on each envelope. Originally I was going to use a paint pen but the numbers just did not show up clearly enough for my personal taste. I intentionally wanted to place the number off center and at different fun angles to make the board playful. Lastly, I glued the pockets into place with Elmer’s Glue, covered the entire surface with wax paper and placed books on top of the wax paper to press the envelopes to the board and dry over night.
Now that everything the board was basically complete I cut out my cardstock cards. I place a single hole punch at the top of each card and then alternated ribbon colors for each card.
Every night in November our family will now gather and talk about something that we are grateful for. My hope is that we will make this a new family tradition for years to come and be able to look back on all of the previous years cards as memories. PLUS, you can take photos of your child with their special thankful cards and send it to that special person whether that be a family member, friend, or person in your community that helped you or made a difference in your life throughout the last year. Enjoy!
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