Year of Learning Our Lessons with The Berenstain Bears – Book 2

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Posted on Sep 17 2011 - 3:00pm by Jill
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The past 2 weeks our family has been having a blast learning teamwork and how important it is (no matter your age) to be a good sport based on my curriculum I created Year of Learning Our Lessons with The Berenstain Bears.
The kids made maps of their new home and helped to give directions to Dad, Grandma and Grandpa to get to certain items in the home. Our son especially learned the importance of step-by-step instructions. If you leave out a step (whether it be on a map or a recipe in the kitchen) it can lead to disaster.
The kids made these fantastic wraps for Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa to eat for lunch. They worked as team trading off reading the recipe instructions, mixing, rolling and serving. Then they wrote down step-by-step directions for Grandma to make the recipe herself when she went home.
Our son created a family mascot of “The Foxes”. His logic is that everyone in his family is so clever and quick witted. Our daughter created a family mascot of “The Doggies”. Well her dear heart has doggie overload this past week since we added a new member to our family (keep an eye out for our new dog we rescued and added to our family “pack”).
We ended the 2 weeks by having a family Olympics in our yard. It was short since the weather was so warm but we all gave it our best try.
In the end the lesson learned by all is that no matter what age you are (and even if you are not playing any sports) it is very important to be a good sport in any adventures throughout your lifetime. And on a side note my son would like to point out that it does not hurt to have great mapping skills to be able to go on those adventures during your lifetime, lol.
Did you follow along with the lesson plans for this book? I would love to hear from anyone using my curriculum how it is going.
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