Would you have homeschooled your children 20 years ago?

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Posted on Sep 15 2011 - 3:00pm by Jill
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I had a lovely conversation the other day with a woman who homeschooled her 3 children 20 years ago. We compared notes on how the homeschooling world and resources have changed dramatically in the last 5 –10 years. Since it is the beginning of a new school year it got to me thinking about whether I would have been brave enough to go down this path when there was not computers or Internet. I have to admit that I absolutely without a doubt love homeschooling. I do however find and create a lot of our materials on a computer or on the Internet. If you took everything out of your school supplies that was found online or you were given the idea online what would you be left with? I would have some of the core materials but if I am being honest I would be afraid of the education my children would be receiving from me since I do not think I would feel as confident about what I created.
Would you have homeschooled your children 20+ years ago?
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