Wormy Apple Art Project

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Posted on Sep 16 2011 - 3:00pm by Jill
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Wormy Apple Art Project - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
Every Fall our family does this art project. I thought that at 7 years old our son would not want to participate in this art project this year. To my surprise he begged to do it first thing in the school day once he saw it on my lesson plan pages. Although this project is simple the end result is so cute!
You will need to get out:
–         1 piece of white construction paper
–         a small rectangle of brown construction paper (for the stem)
–         a small green leaf cutout (remember leaves are never the same or perfect so they are easy to   cut out)
–         green and red washable tempera paint
Paint the palm of his hand red (for the apple) and his thumb green (for the worm). Press his hand onto the white piece of construction paper. Glue on the stem and leaf to the top of the apple. Allow the paper to dry for an hour or two.
Once the paint is dry give your child some markers to give the worm a happy face, wrinkles, etc. Allow your child to draw a scene around the painting and tell you a story. This will be a family favorite for the PreK – 3rd grade range!
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