Behind The Scenes Part 7: January

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Posted on Aug 27 2011 - 3:00pm by Jill
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I would like to take a moment and share with everyone some of the themes, topics and resources that I will be using for our children for the month of January. My hope in sharing these ideas is that perhaps it can help someone else find some new resources. Please note that I will not be mentioning every item used however if you see an item that you would like to know where I found it please feel free to contact me and I will do the best that I can to help you locate where I found it.


We really like to celebrate the holidays so January is honestly our family’s time to wind down from all of the excitement. We will start our Groundhog Day countdown toward the end of the month (I love Groundhog Day so keep an eye out for tons of printables I make as the holiday gets closer!)


Themes:            Martin Luther King Jr., Mozart’s Birthday, Winter (seasons, animals, hibernation, etc.), Branches of Government, Community Helpers, Lego lapbook, Peter Pan lapbook.



Paid membership links that will be used:             BrainPop Jr.(Email)(wood wind instrument)(President)(needs vs. wants)(percussion instruments)(parts of a computer)(sculpture)(pushes and pulls)(George Washington)(types of sentences)(writing about yourself), 1+1+1=1(USA Geography “I,K,L” states), Educational Cubes, Little Passports, Discovery Education (United States Expansion), Reading Eggs.


Links that will be used: (I found many of the worksheets I will be using for our Branches of Government and Martin Luther King Jr. at this free website)(I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!)
Lego Lapbook (Walking by the Way)
Peter Pan activities that I have added to make a lapbook (I intend to read the storybook each day for 4 days straight and then watch the Disney DVD on the 5th day) (Homeschool Creations)
Dance Mat Typing (for our daughter who is in Kindergarten)


Field Trips planned for this month:            Local Natural History Museum


What resources do you plan to use in the month of January?
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