Words to Know Beach Ball Fun

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Posted on Apr 29 2011 - 10:00pm by Jill
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Are you looking for a fun way to make learning new words fun? With spring here we are headed outside more and more for our learning fun. With so many dogs and open areas, my children and our dogs love to play with balls of all sorts, so I decided to bring a little fun with balls into our lessons with a fun game.

Words to Know Beach Ball Fun

This game is very fun! I found these beach balls at our 99 cent store but you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere. I took a black permanent marker and wrote some of the current words to know for our daughter on her ball. I then toss the beach ball to her and have her read the word under her thumb. We continue doing this for 10 minutes. Each week we add new words to the beach ball. When the beach ball is all filled up we will start a new ball. We have one for our son as well although doing 2nd grade language arts he has a lot more words to know on a weekly basis so we will end up with quite a few beach balls at the end of a school year. 

I plan to deflate these when we go on to a new beach ball but pull them back out into the rotation when it is review week (which I tend to do once every 2 months with both of the kids). This is great practice!

As an alternative, we are also going to try out a few other games later on as well. We will be trying out these fun games later one:

  • Clock Time – I will put the time from a clock on a ball and they will have to tell me the time shown. 
  • Math Facts – I will put numbers all over a ball. Then, I will throw the ball to them and say a math function like add, subtract, or multiple and they will have to do that math function to the two numbers closest to their hands. 
  • Word Families – Will put word family endings on a ball and then when they catch the ball they will have to give me three words in that word family.

Do you think you might try out one or more of these fun games?

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